Teego Has More Qualities!


ThankGod Omori is popularly known by his stage name, ‘Teego’. He is a Cross Riverian who started his career in the Barracks, back in Calabar. He made his way to Calabar mainstream with his mind blowing single dubbed, ‘Shawty’ which he produced. He made many hits with his former label mate ; ‘Iceboxx’ who is still a rapper signed to JunkHouse Entertainment [Teego’s former label]


Teego was too talented and productive to stay far away from the main music market, so he left Calabar to Lagos around 2016/2017 where he worked very hard to showcase his talent in singing, writing and producing. He was signed to Konvest Music in 2018, where he released ‘Skolombo’, ‘Lagos’, ‘Giveaway’,’Money Iz Coming’ featuring Peruzzi and ‘Icecream Man’ that was released in January, 2020. I almost forgot the song he did with Timaya dubbed ‘Big Man’, in 2017


Why I Say Teego Has More Qualities !

– Teego is a spectacular songwriter and singer : If you listen to his songs, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Teego is an epitome of ardent artistry, when it comes to music content. He conveniently sings his message in every song he has recorded. This is unique and rare in our contemporary music industry.

– Teego is a music producer and sound engineer : Apart from ‘Icecream Man’ that was released in January, Teego has produced, mixed and mastered most of his released songs, since from 2017.

– Teego has good character and good personal relations : his Calabar fan base describes him as being very humble and friendly, irrespective of the height he has attained so far. This can be ratified with the harmony he has kept with his record label over the years. On like the story we hear everyday of artiste having issues with the record label they are signed to.

– Teego has style and a good fashion sense that anyone can reckon with. Check out his page to see what I’m talking about TEEGO_KM

All of this are facts about Teego Omori, are gotten from my personal knowledge of him and online publications Made about him. Try your best to support talents like this because they are rare.


Teego will be on spotlight very soon, you’ll be happy to know him from this platform this early


Author: Jaro Davids

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