Prodigeefilmworks : Progression Of Creativity


In years past the Nigerian music industry lacked authentication in the global market mainly because of our failure to acclimatize with modernization. This failure was enhanced by the believe that we need to have sophisticated equipment to get the best content out there.

Prodigeefilmworks silently broke the jinx from a small city called Calabar, in Nigeria. Many years ago, the cinematographer would create a sophisticated music video with a smart phone that will effortlessly be broadcasted across all major TV stations within and outside the country. You will not believe the results of his creativity even if you worked with him all through the scenes of that particular project, this is the reason everybody is saying ‘Prodigee is a genius’

Prodigeefilmworks is tremendously creative and efficient. The genius has worked with a lot of big musicians and brands within and outside the country.


Seeing a musical video Prodigee did for Kevin Lyttle who has been one of my idol was intriguing. The fact that he is young, is an evidence of tremendous hope for the future of the Nigeria music industry. One of the videos he did for ‘Challex D Boss’ has raised eyebrows of so many people in the country

Prodigeefilmworks is an epitome of high creativity and efficiency. Let’s watch out for him

See Prodigeefilmworks

Author: Jaro Davids

1 thought on “Prodigeefilmworks : Progression Of Creativity

  1. All Nigeria needs is more creativity in every area of work a person finds his/her self ..

    We think for the betterment of Nigeria and Africa at large .

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