Kaypluz is set to release a video far from the usual.

Few months ago, we posted an article that centered on the resilience of singer and rapper ‘Kaypluz’, that article took preference from his previous works to judge the nearest future of the star but it is looking like we gave you just a tip of what is actually coming

Kaypluz released his first major project in November 20 of 2020. This particular project has gained global acceptance and we are not just happy, we’re overwhelmed with his success.

Off the just released ‘Beginning Of A Superstar EP’ Kaypluz is set to release the visuals for ‘Omo Iya Mi’ shot and directed by Naya. This video is a cut from a regal cloth as you’ll see star boy ‘Kaypluz’ demonstrate majestically with the rhythm of ‘Omo iya mi’ singing out of his lips with joy and calm.

See behind the scene photos below

See Kaypluz and Naya posing for the camera

Author: Jaro Davids

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