10 New Taste : New Faces In Different Genres

The Calabar music industry has evolved in strategic points over a short period of time. With this development one can easily envision a progressive Calabar music industry. Throwback to some years, our music content only revolved around Cross River but now this new energy is breaking boundaries. The Calabar music industry has gone global with a unique face.

We are going to take a glimpse at some new musicians who are doing well in different genre and who are also making rounds globally.

1. Reason Marley

Reason Marley is a singer and a song writer based in Calabar, his sounds are mostly afrobeats. Reason marley who is currently working towards releasing an extended play very soon, came through few months ago with a banger dubbed ‘Inemesit’. The sound is still making rounds and gradually gaining acceptance globally. Few months back, a UK blog wrote about him, commending his style of music as their scouts found out that he had over 40,000 streams on spotify at that point in time. Out of the music business, Reason Marley Works extremely hard and stays humble which is a unique attribute that is new to the Calabar music industry. He seem to be different from the regular in all ramifications, we hope he stays on this path to greatness. He has a new single dubbed ‘Jaiye’, please check it out

2. Kaypluz

Kaypluz is a rapper, singer and a song writer based in Calabar who made his first entries approximately twenty months ago, his music is characterized by a lot of changes ranging from style, delivery, beat and lyrics. His current position in the ranks is earned by hard work and creativity. The singer and rapper released a song with Dremo of DMW in July 2020 while his ‘Begining Of A Superstar EP’ released in November 20, 2020 has gained massive acceptance across the globe. His sounds strolls across afrobeat, hip hop & Rap. It is undeniable to accept the fact that Kaypluz is very humble and as a matter of fact the trait of humility is very rare in the Calabar music family thus Kaypluz will undoubtedly impart enormous positivity in our growing music industry in the coming years.

3. General Presh

General Presh has made commendable strides against all odds since his emergence. Presh has been a prolific rapper that has incorporated afrobeat with hip hop that’s why his music sounds unique. Aside from the fact that he has created a place for himself, he is evidently hardworking and selfless that’s why we know he will play a major role towards the growth of our growing music industry. Across the globe Presh increased his fan base tremendously as his music video has played in over 34 countries across the globe, recently the yearly statistics from Spotify and other music stores ratified his enormous growth and success in his music. We hope to get more from ‘The General’ as we all hope to move to greatness in the coming years.

4. Razeezy Yahoc

Trap music is at the background of the Nigeria music industry as people rarely create this genre of music in this part of the world, as a matter of fact you can hardly point a trap musician in Nigeria. Razeezy Yahoc has been steadfast in creating trap music for his fans and supporters thus he deserves to be respected and supported. He has released a few songs this year but his most recent song ‘Radio’ featuring Aamen is dragging attention gradually and we hope his quota never goes unnoticed.

5. Sir Ray

Sir Ray is a singer, rapper and a song writer who presently does full time afrobeat. He came through with a banger in April dubbed ‘Dat Kind Person’, since then the man has been at the fore of the business. Sir Ray’s prowess revolves around his amazing lyrics and his traditional mid tempo delivery. We hope he doesn’t fall short as he is amazingly promising.

6. Mad Lion

Mad Lion is a rapper, singer and a good song writer, he was featured in our first project ‘Ololo’ and a lot of people gave positive comments about him, he has given enough reasons to trust his talents with the few songs he has released so far. Mad Lion is highly promising and he is another hope for our growing industry.

7. Paspy Slow

Paspy Slow is a singer and song writer who does mostly afrobeat, some people have likened his style to that of Davido. The man is evidently here to stay and grow his music in this music industry with that energy, his sounds are strong as his prowess revolves around energetic performance and high tempo delivery.

8. Jayme

Pro afrobeat sensation Jayme is a singer, song writer and performer. Jayme was noticed early this year after the release of his song titled ‘Long Story’, from that period he seem to be one of the most sort after musician in the Calabar music industry, his most recent single dubbed ‘La Tan’ is currently making rounds in clubs, radio stations and digital stores globally. We are happy that this progress is coming from Calabar to the world and in no time the music industry will be recognized globally from these efforts.

9. Scholes

Scholes is the first winner of the ‘Calabar Talent Factory’, he won against all odds. Scholes is a promising rapper and song writer, who is unmeasurable talented. He is currently topping charts and making rounds globally. His songs and videos are gaining massive acceptance and we cannot help but appreciate this growth. While he is keeping the ranks for Calabar he is undoubtedly another big hope for our growing industry. Watch out for beast boy Scholes, he has so much to offer

10. Lerix

Lerix might be new and young in the business but what he brings to the table is big and unique, his sounds are rare generally. Lerix combines trap music and afrobeat, his versatility is on a different level. His approach will ensure sustainable development in the Calabar music industry as more of his contemporary will work to raise the stake higher than him in the coming years. We pray he stays consistent and strong in the business.

Watch Out For :


Gudex Owoda is doing well, his energy and persistence has gained him more recognition this year. He is a singer and a rapper who does conscious music. He comes with a different approach that is somehow different from what we always have, Gudex is promising and we hope he makes a strong plus as time goes.

To our readers and subscribers we urge you to share this post across to your audience too, the aforementioned have shown pure hard work, all we need to do is to commend their effort which will spur them to do more. This post is not in anyway ranking the aforementioned musicians, we appreciate you. Keep visiting this prestigious music blog to get more, thank you.

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