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Ent. News : PM Nation Signs Three Artistes For 30 Million Naira

PM Nation, Nigeria’s Newest Record Label officially unveils three new artists under the label imprint. Having searched thoroughly, the label on the 30th of october 2018 officially signed a 5 years deal worth 30million naira with the three artists namely, Umoru Shaibu a.k.a Pedro Milli as the front act, Bright Ajayi who goes by the stage name Brightest and also a 15years old yoruba indegenous rapper from Ibadan Qasim Abdulrahman a.k.a Blizzy Lion.

The artists were given a 10Million Naira deal individually with a management deal with Radioplug NG. According to the label manager Tha Unpredikted Jesus who is the ceo of radioplugng, the label is aimed at developing and noturing raw talents from the street and we promise the fans and general public some good music as we are working on lots of surprise packages for the listening pleasure of good music listeners.

follow the artists on twitter: @itz_Pedromilli , @itz_brightest and @itz_blizzylion

Instagram: @itz_Pedromilli, @itz_brightest & @itz_blizzylion
For more inquiries and information on the label and artists you can always connect with RadioplugNG on Instagram

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Ent. News : Runtown Faces another Court Case With Ex Label | @iRuntown

The legal battle between singer, Runtown and his former label, Eric Many Records continues. The label has filed a fresh case of contempt of court against the singer.

Runtown has been in and out of the court with his ex-label, Eric Many Records. The label dragged him to court over breach of contract and the case has been back and forth. In March, 2018, the label issued a statement about the case against the singer. The statement read,

“he (Runtown) went for a show in Las Vegas since January 13th, 2018 and has since decided to withdraw all obligations of his contract. He has steadily been recording an album without the consent and approval of his record label.”

In June, 2018, Runtown launched a label called Sound God Music Group and he released a track titled Unleash.
Eric Many Records general manager, Johnson Adumike, has released a fresh statement in reaction to Runtown’s recent moves. In the statement he reiterated that the singer breached his contract with the label and that he owes the label hundreds of millions of Naira. He stated that the label is aware that the singer is no longer interested in working with them and their demand in court is not to force the singer to continue with the label but for him to fulfill the terms of his contract which includes refunding the said sum and delivering an album to the label.

Read the statement below:

“we are in Court with Runtown for his breach of our Recording Contract. We sued him because while applying to the Registrar of Trademarks in Abuja to register professional names licensed to us during the duration of our contract, Runtown also unilaterally terminated our Recording Contract with him’.

‘While our Contract is supposed to fall due for expiration on 22nd June 2018, Ericmany has an outstanding balance of about N266,694,755.08 to recoup on our investment and expenses on Runtown. He also failed to deliver an Album which the Contract requires him to deliver to us during the Contract Period. Under the contract if there is outstanding money or Album by 22nd June, 2018, end of the Contract Period, the Contract enters into an Option Period of one year. Runtown has neither honoured the Contract Period nor the Option Period. Following our application, Abuja High Court made an Interim Order on 10th May, 2018, barring Runtown from any performance or recording of any song outside our Contract until the issues are sorted out by Court.

‘The Judge also ordered that status quo be maintained until our Motion praying for this protection is decided. Yet on 27th June, 2018 Runtown released a new song outside our Contract. Determined to follow due process in our dispute with Runtown we have filed a Contempt of Court case against him. Following Court Order to serve Runtown by publication in the Punch, our Notice of Contempt of Court is published at page 22 of The Punch Newspaper today. If he still fails to respect Court Order by removing the song, we will follow up with the next steps to ensure Runtown is committed to prison, since he is not above the law.

‘If he felt the Court Order is wrong, his lawyer has already appeared in Court and filed papers. It is for his lawyer to show the Court that the Order is wrong. It is not open to Runtown to ignore Court Order. It is important to state that we are at home with the fact that Runtown does not intend to continue working with us. We are not in any confusion about that. We have therefore not asked the Court to order him to continue working with us. Our case is for recovery of our money and the Album he owes in line with the Contract. It is the duty of both sides to abide by Court Orders. So Ericmany will continue to rely on due process until we get justice’.

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Ent. Gist : Is Simi Pregnant? | @SimpLySimi

Is Simi trying to say something without saying something? Is she sending a message by just showing pictures? But really, is our dear Simisola pregnant?

Earlier today, Simi shared a picture that is fueling rumors that she might be pregnant. In the picture, Simi appeared to have a bulging stomach and some extra flesh. It stayed at a mere rumor because there wasn’t enough to make the conclusion but by herself, she added firewood to the burning fire.

Simi followed up her initial post with two identical picture posts that suggests she is trying to pass a message that might have been missed in the first post. Interestingly, the caption in her next post was intended to make a revelation. She wrote, “In case you didn’t see it the first time ?”

Clearly, there’s a veiled message in her first post and the only thing new is the development in her stomach region.

Going by the repeated picture posts and the leading captions, the rumors about Simi being pregnant seems believable.

It is expected that Simi would give a proper address to this rumor but it is important to note that the songstress has been especially involved with another singer, Adekunle Gold (AG).

There has been unending rumors that the two singers are dating but there is little to prove the veracity of this story; just suggestive pictures, their known music chemistry and their social media banters.

The two singers created a passion-filled scene at AG’s recently held concert at Indigo O2, in London. The urban high life singer, AG, has been linked to Simi’s pregnancy rumor, as the man responsible and the rumor would not cease until he comes out like Shaggy to say “it wasn’t me.”

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Ent. News : Wizkid Won’t Be Available The Next 3 Years… | @wizkidayo

Singer, Wizkid has revealed that he has been booked for the next 3 years. It means till 2021, Wizkid would not be available for booking.

Wizkid made a shocking revelation via a post on Twitter, a post that confirms how high-in-demand his music is inside and outside of the continent. The singer, in his tweet, wrote, “booked for 3 years.”

The singer has had a recent run of successful shows which includes the
Afro Republik Festival at the O2 Arena in UK and the One Africa Music Festival , and he is preparing to release his third studio album titled Made In Lagos . He had also earlier hinted that he will be performing at concerts in Haiti, Canada and Jamaica.

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Ent. Gist : Mr. 2Kay Shuts Down Port Harcourt As Elevated Concert Records Massive Turnout

Singer Mr. 2Kay marked a milestone with the successful outcome of his Elevated Concert held at Aztech Arcum Event Centre, Stadium road, Port Harcourt on Sunday June 17, 2018. The sold out concert surpassed expectation as the singer delivered an experience that his PH fans will not forget in a long while.

The event which was co-hosted by ace broadcaster, Olisa Adibua and Alex from Big Brother Nigeria started with a packed hall at about 6pm. A good number of Port Harcourt’s young talents filed out one after the other to open the show before UK’s popular radio host and hype man, Shope Shopsy took over alongside DJ Kev.
The heat of the event stepped up as Mavin’s DJ Big N took over the turntables. He got the crowd warmed up before Olisa and Alex introduced the legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt who grabbed the mic to personally perform his classic hit – “Stylee” before sweating the packed hall.

Mr. 2Kay stepped out for his first set in white traditional attire along with his band amidst cheers from the crowd at about 10pm. He welcomed and appreciated the highly excited guests before opening with his prophetic single, “Pray For Me” off his latest Elevated album. 2Kay and his live band served some of his classic hits such as “Bubugaga”, “Waterside Boy”, “Bad Girl Special”, “Count it All Joy”, and “Who No Like Better Thing.” He also did a tribute performance of Rex Lawson’s song “So Ala Temen” before comedian MC Lively ‘interrupted’ the event flow in his usual style. After that, Dan the Humorous and other comics – Brodashaggi and Masterkraft (David Skima), K O BABA, thrilled the audience with their funny theatrics and banter.

The show continued with Mr. Accolades, Charles Okocha and his Hype man as he performed his popular songs, “Shove it” and “Accolades”. Self-acclaimed Port Harcourt’s first son, Duncan Mighty took over and then passed the mic to Mr. 2kay.

Fans enjoyed the thrilling performances by 2Kay who continued with more popular tunes including “Belema”, and “Moniegram.” The singer introduced Timaya on stage who continued with the pumped crowd before Harrysong took over. Other acts of the night were Grafton Records act, Idahams, Doray, Young GreyC, Squeeze Tarila, Legendary Sunny, Ajebo Hustlers, Maxi, Fortune, and King Perry. There was also a throwback session that featured MTrill and Korkormikor.

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Unbelievable: Meet The Young Boy Whose Body Can Power Up LED Light Bulbs All By Itself (Photos)

A mere nine-year-old boy has been found out to have a skin that can power up LED light bulbs all by itself.

The boy can light up bulbs
A 9-year-old boy from Kerala, in India, has become a social media sensation after videos of him lighting rechargeable LED light bulbs just by touching their electrical contacts with any part of his body went viral online.

Abu Thahir, who hails from Muhamma near Alappuzha, Kerala, discovered his unusual power only recently, while returning home with his father after buying a rechargeable LED light bulb.

His father, Nizar, who happens to be an electrician, told reporters that when he passed the light-bulb to his son, it just lit up in his hand. At first, he thought it was some sort of prank, but then he noticed that the bulb lit up whenever the electrical contacts on its bottom touched any part of his son’s body.

Thahir’s aunt was so impressed by his “trick” that she filmed him lighting up the light bulb with her smartphone and shared it on social media. It quickly went viral and the family started receiving calls from reporters wanting to interview and film the boy.

However, he apparently doesn’t care much for fame, and is reportedly a bit embarrassed about his celebrity status on Indian social media, which explains why there is currently no high-quality footage of him lighting up light bulbs.

Some sources speculate that another reason for the scarcity of video proof of Abu Thahir’s power is that it may be fake. None of the photos and videos I’ve seen show the boy’s entire body, so it is technically possible that low electrical current is made to enter his body and he only acts as a conductor. Other people are saying that the light-bulb itself could have been tampered with, that his electrician father may have installed a small battery inside it.

However, expert Joshy K Kuriakose told Manorama Online that the unusual phenomenon could also be caused by the high salt content in his body.

“People who sweat more usually have a high salt content in their body. If the level is unusually high,” Kuriakose said. “The salt content increases the skin’s conductivity. This could explain why an LED bulbs lights up when pressed against Thahir’s body.”

“If you connect the two leads of the rechargeable bulb with a wire, it will light up. Thahir’s body it will light up. Thahir’s body is conducting electricity like a wire,” the expert added.

Interestingly, 9-year-old Abu Thahir cannot light up any light bulb, only rechargeable LED bulbs. If he presses the two contacts on the bottom long enough, his whole body will allegedly begin to heat up.

Nazir is really proud of his son’s power, calling it a gift from God. As for Thahir, he doesn’t mind being able to power up light bulbs, but he doesn’t like the fame that comes with his unusual ability. He is currently lying low, preparing for the two school exams he has two take before the summer vacation.

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The way you sleep Reveals secret about your Personality

We all sleep, but did you know that the way you sleep says a lot about who you are as an individual?

For instance, Leonardo da Vinci took 20-minute naps every four hours to recharge his intellectual batteries, Charles Dickens slept facing north because he felt it improved his creativity, and these baby otters make squeaky toy noises as they nap because they’re cute enough to make you squeal.

Most of us don’t have as eccentric sleeping habits as Mariah Carey, who surrounds herself with 15 humidifiers before she takes a siesta, but slight subtleties in our snoozing styles says as much about who we are as the music we like, the color we’re drawn to, or the life paths we choose.

The position in which we sleep seems like a completely subconscious choice, but who we are dictates which positions are the most doze-worthy for dreamtime and it seems if someone really wanted to get to know who someone else is, the secret’s in the slumber.

How do you sleep at night? On your side, back, or your belly? Believe it or not it can say a lot about who you are when you’re awake…

Which is your favorite way to sleep? Pick one and keep reading to see what it says about you.

Which is your favorite way to sleep? Pick one and keep reading to see what it says about you.

Keep reading on the next page to see what your sleep position reveals about you.



Log position, in which the sleeper slumbers on their side, legs extended straight and arms by their sides, is the second most popular position. Though the position looks stiff, a person who sleeps like this is anything but rigid. Log sleepers are very social and easygoing people. Although they like conversing with all kinds of people, they definitely prefer running with an A-list crowd. They are also very trusting, which can sometimes make them seem a little gullible.



The yearner position looks a lot like the log. The sleeper snoozes on their sides but their arms are stretched out in front of them, kind of like a mummy. Studies say that people who choose this position are usually very inviting and open. Yet, they can be suspicious and are often very cynical. Yearners are also as slow as turtles when it comes to making decisions, but once their minds are set, they’re as stubborn as a mule about changing it.

Don’t see your sleep position yet? Keep reading on the NEXT page.



Attention! A person that sleeps in soldier position is one that sleeps on their back with their arms straight down at their side. Solider sleepers also live up to their name, tending to be strong, silent types who don’t like a big fuss. They are very structured and take themselves, and those around them, very seriously. This also means that they have high expectations for themselves and others around them. They have a tendency to snore as well.



A freefaller sleeper dozes on their stomachs, head to the side, with their arms wrapped around a pillow. As the name suggests, freefaller sleepers have open, gregarious, and playful personalities. Yet they can be so to-the-point that it comes off as brash. They may seem free spirited most of the time, but freefaller sleepers are also secretly anxious and crave control. Although they tend to be risk takers, they’re surprisingly sensitive to criticism as well.

Don’t see your sleep position yet? Keep reading on the NEXT page.



The starfish position is the least popular slumbering style. Starfish sleepers lie on their backs with their legs stretched out, and their arms stretched up by their head, looking a bit like a cactus. People who snooze in this unconventional style are very loyal pals and make friendship a huge priority in their lives. They love hearing the problems of others and will go out their way to help when they can. Makes sense, since it the position makes them look like they reaching their arms out for a hug.



Maya Borenstein

The fetal position, in which a person sleeps on their side with their legs curled up, is one of the most popular. In fact, according to a survey performed by sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski, PhD and author of the book Learn to Sleep Well, 41 percent of people sleep this way. If you fancy the fetal position while you catch your Z’s, you may seem to have a tough exterior, but are very shy and sensitive on the inside. They can also overthink a problem and worry unnecessarily.

Source: Littlethings

Exciting! Wizkid’s song is used in an American Movie

– Wizkid is definitely at a high point in his career

– His song Daddy Yo was used in an American film titled Pacific Rim Uprising

– This was revealed by Nigerian-British actor John Boyega vis his Twitter account

Popular musician Wizkid has been enjoying a level of success many thought could not happen to a Nigerian musician.

He has become to some extent a star outside the shores of this country as he performs at venues located in different countries. While some say his record label Sony Music is responsible, others feel his star is becoming to big to ignore.

Excitement as Wizkid's song is used in an American movie

Nigerian-British actor John Boyega took to his Twitter page to reveal that he used Wizkid’s hit song Daddy Yo in a American film he produced titled Pacific Rim Uprising. Read his tweet below:

“One of the most exciting things about producing Pacific Rim Uprising was the opportunity to influence the creative choices. So I put @wizkidayo song “Daddy yo” in the movie. Jaegers need afrobeats too! Oh yeah… here’s a video of me listening to this very song. Listening ish”