News : King Shanky Washerbeat Resigns As PMAN Secretary


Emem King popularly known as Kiing Shanky washarbeats (KSW) who has been the string holding the life line of the Entertainment Union in Cross River State is backing out of the Union. Emem King discloses that he left the Union with a happy heart and no feuds, amidst the controversies surrounding his resignation, Emem King denies all that could possibly be the reasons for him dumping the Union, his bitter sour fight with his long time friend Zeerowbadman who King accusses of being the face of the Union’s collapse after the Union was picked up, the poor leadership prowess displayed by service Chairmen in the State Chapter and the disrespect of pure Administrative etiquette by most of the Union’s members who prefer a roudy and jungle-like approach to all that concerns their career. Emem King completely denies all these to be reasons why he is leaving.
In his letter, he pens down detailed reservations only to Mr. Pretty Okafor the PMAN National President.
Emem King wishes Omin “Spydaman” Nyong the State Chapter Chairman of PMAN CRS and her members perpetual growth.

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